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PlayList : McFly

Posted on: janeiro 25, 2010

1.Lies (Radio:Active)

Better run for cover
You’re a hurricane full of lies
And the way you’re heading
No one’s getting out alive

2.Star Girl (Motion In The Ocean)

Hey, I’m looking up for my star girl
I guess I’m stuck in this mad world
The things that i wanna say
but you’re a million miles away

3.Not Alone (Room On The 3rd Floor )

Life is getting harder day by day
And I, I don’t know what to do what to say, yeah
And my mind is growing weak every step I take
It’s uncontrolable now they think I’m fake

4.Falling In Love (Radio:Active )

Everyday feels like a Monday, there is
No escaping from the heartache, now I
Wanna put it back together, cause it’s
Always better late than never.

5.Down Goes Another One (Radio:Active)

Every time I fall asleep my dreams are haunted
And every time I close my eyes I’m not alone
And every time I cry I’m right back where you wanted
I try to drown you out so down goes another one

6.Transylvania (Motion In The Ocean )

Anne Boleyn she kept a tin
Which all her hopes and dreams were in
She plans to run away with him forever

7.The Heart Never Lies (All The Greatest Hits)

Some people laugh
Some people cry
Some people live
Some people die


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we ♥ demi lovato

we ♥ demi lovato

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